Foire aux questions

Do you work with clients in my state?

Yes. We will work with clients living in any state.

How much do your services cost?

This can vary a little from client to client. Generally the pricing is $50 per quarterly report (every three months) totaling out to $200 for a calendar year. Then, when it comes time to do the business and personal tax returns, those together are $300. During your consultation call we will be able to tell you the exact pricing that will apply to you before you agree to pay for anything.

How much business income makes your services necessary?

As long as your business is showing profit of over $5,000 the tax savings from running the income through the business is more than the reduced amount of self-employment taxes you'll pay combined with amount of fees paid to us. In other words, as long as you'll have profit of over $5,000 - by setting up a business you'll have less cash outflow overall.

What are LLC's, S-Corps, and Partnerships? Which one do I need?

LLC's are simple business entities that don't change your tax treatment at all by themselves. All an LLC does is limit your liability, should any be created, to whatever amount the business is worth. It's purpose is just asset protection. S-Corp's are corporate business entities that allow for a preferential tax treatment from the IRS. These require 4 quarterly reports to be filed per calendar year, and a business tax return separate from your personal one. When these entities are set up we also set up an underlying LLC so you get the asset protections as well. Partnerships are business entities, often LLC's, with more than one owner. These allow for preferential tax treatment as well, and do not require quarterly reports to be filed. Since they require more than one owner of the business they are not used as often.